Spelled Pronunciation

Update: See soundz page.

A few tweaks let you use spelled pronunciation from dictionary.com – http://bit.ly/soundznotbad – for plain text.

Use http://bit.ly/soundznotbad but change bold to CAPS, [uh] to [u], ITAL to ROM: [th] to [dh], [oo] to [uu], [uh] to [uh].

If there is a stress on more than one syllable in a word, mark the primary stress with a leading tick (apostrophe). End sentences with a space followed by a period.

Full details logged on October 3, 2010. Update: See soundz page.

For background, here is a tweet on the topic from a month ago:

George Atherton notrehta Thu Sep 02
Spelled Pronunciation Key: http://bit.ly/aIgYg7 but: CAPS for bold; [u] for [uh]; ROM for ITAL: [dh] for [th], [uu] for [oo], [uh] for [uh]


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