About Books: My On-Air Debut on VoicePrint

link here from this tweet:
About Books: My On-Air Debut on VoicePrint http://wp.me/p10l7q-4o blog post: text + audio [26:23]

About Books – on VoicePrint – is a half-hour program of book news, book reviews and author profiles.

At VoicePrint I have been editing the About Books recording each week. That happens now only on alternate weeks. On the other weeks I am doing the recording.

About Books is on digital cable in Canada at 7:30 pm local time. But anyone can listen online. See details below.

Diane Lepawsky is now sharing About Books with me. (Thank you, Diane.)  I cover fiction one week, and Diane covers nonfiction the next week.

You can listen now to the archived copy of About Books for February 19, 2011.


The Accessible Channel (TACtv) and VoicePrint are sister channels owned by Accessible Media Inc (AMI), a Canadian nonprofit formerly known as the National Broadcast Reading Service (NBRS). In Vancouver, TACtv and VoicePrint are included in the Shaw Digital Basic package on channels 888 (TACtv) and 889 (VoicePrint).

Listeners worldwide can pick up streaming audio of national programming included in regional feeds from the VoicePrint website at times T-1, T, T+2, T+3, where time T is Toronto time (Eastern).* Shows are archived after two or three days. Click on the show in any schedule to go to the index for that show in the archives.

Apart from two show IDs at approx 9 and 18 minutes and the intro and extro, the content for About Books for February 19 was a roundup of published comments from 20 authors on their take on passion in fiction. You can read it here on the Globe and Mail website.

A comment on one of the comments: Gaudy Night by Dorothy L Sayers is the main subject in the comment by author William Bryant Logan (start at 10:06). “Gaudy” is read here as if it rhymes with “Howdy” – not how the word is usually pronounced. These days anyone at Oxford referring to a college gaudy would say the word to rhyme with “bawdy” – unless maybe the reference was to one 80 years ago.

* In other words, a national show you can listen to on the website from the Eastern schedule at 7:30 (E) can be heard from the Atlantic schedule at 6:30 (E), from the Mountain–Central schedule at 9:30 (E) and from the Pacific schedule at 10:30 (E). So wherever you are, you can choose from four different times to listen to About Books in real time each week from the VoicePrint website.


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