MasterLeaks: WikiLeaks Spoof Ad (Bank Blockade)

Update 7/2/11:

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From WikiLeaks:

“Censorship, like everything else in the West, has been privatized.”

As quoted today by WikiLeaks, six months ago, on December 25, 2010, the New York Times wrote in an editorial:

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The whistle-blowing Web site WikiLeaks has not been convicted of a crime. The Justice Department has not even pressed charges over its disclosure of confidential State Department communications. Nonetheless, the financial industry is trying to shut it down …

A handful of big banks could potentially bar any organization they disliked from the payments system, essentially cutting them off from the world economy. The fact of the matter is that banks are not like any other business. They run the payments system. That is one of the main reasons that governments protect them from failure with explicit and implicit guarantees. This makes them look not too unlike other public utilities.

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