Tweets Sent :: 2011-08-27

Except for the initial chevron, tweets in posts like this one are in plain text, as sent to Twitter. The chevron links to the end product – with its clickable icons and URLs.

> “… for a long time I believed clear, sparse, concise prose to be the only valuable literary endeavour.” S.M. Fowles

> “I have mocked poetry in secret, decided it was an opaque and deliberate effort for writers to flex inaccessibly for a small audience.” SMF

> “Poetry looked like puzzles designed to exclude the unworthy.” Stacey May Fowles cc @poetryisdead

> David Suzuki and Thich Nhat Hanh on getting past despair: video excerpt [5:16] added to post #eco #climatechange #zen

> Richard Ingrams: “As for the readers, … they should be ignored … [They] don’t know what they want until they get it.”

> Claud Cockburn: “An editor … should be thinking about perfecting and producing what he wants and then making the public want it too.” ibid.

> Private Eye cofounder Richard Ingrams – (wiki) – writes maybe his last column for The Independent


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