Consciousness and Free Will

# A Midsummer Night’s Dream

That there is a single cause of anything is imagined. But this is serious. That things have causes – if this, then that* – is the root idea, the origin of all that is thought of as known, the basis of all belief.

Here is Dmitry Orlov on consciousness, intelligence, and free will:

Biological systems exhibit all sorts of complex behaviors, sometimes leading us to believe that they possess intelligence and free will. But there is no command structure to intelligence or free will. Even consciousness has no specific command structure; the complex behaviors that make us think that there are such things as consciousness and free will are emergent behaviors of cooperating brain cells; nobody is actually in charge. As I sit here concentrating on this, my right hand picks up a cup of tea and raises it to my lips without the rest of me having to pay any attention; another part of me thinks that I should take a break and visit the shops before it starts raining. If I do, then the decision will have been reached cooperatively because there is nobody to give the order and nobody to give the order to. 


And please read “The Answer” – where Thanu Padmanabhan ends by saying that “you didn’t drink the coffee either”:

Quotation is from “The Answer” by Thanu Padmanabhan … see nav bar on his home page.

*presupposing a that that is not this


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