Reality Is What Is Happening Now

Being Human Is Not What It Used to Be

Being is becoming. Any being is nothing but change. And so it is for any human being too, of course.°



“Art is as deep and high and wide as the universe. There is nothing but art, if you look at it properly. It is almost banal to say so yet it needs to be stressed continually: all is creation, all is change, all is flux, all is metamorphosis.” ― Henry Miller

There is only what is, this creation-change-flux-metamorphosis, this being that is happening now in all the forms it seems to take, including awareness of being: seeing, hearing, touching, smelling, tasting, thinking, and feeling.

This being is reality. It is what is: the whole event-in-process, where no one – nothing – is other than what is happening now. You and I are happening now. And so is everything and anyone you can think of … nothing but what is happening now. This is reality.

This being, reality, the whole event-in-process, is what is happening now. To think there is anything other than this being, to think there is any being other than this being – to think we are somehow individual beings separate from this being – is a tragic illusion, the origin of suffering.

Here suffering means not pain in the body that comes from injury, illness, or hunger – which can and should be attended to in the usual ways – but anguish in the mind that comes from following a line of thought and mistaking it for reality.

Buddhists call this suffering dukkha … and mean by that to include a sense of dissatisfaction or dis-ease with what is, a sense that the whole is somehow incomplete, that something is lacking, that whatever is here and now is forever never enough.

This other Eden, demi-paradise, …

A myth is a story that encodes but does not necessarily explain a universal human experience.°
—Richard Holloway, former bishop (of Edinburgh)

Richard Holloway calls sacred texts “creations of the human imagination, works of art crafted by us to convey meaning through story.”

Is identifying with the illusion of a being apart from any other being – a separate being, an individual being, one that turns out to have insatiable wants – what drives both Adam and Eve out of Eden?

Maybe the story means that the original Original Sin is merely the original mistake: Adam and Eve each follow the first distinctively human line of thought – starting with the idea of a being apart from any other being – identify with it, mistaking it for reality, and in this way put us on the path we’re still on today.

It’s past time for us to wake up to reality. We’re not in Eden anymore.

Human being isn’t what it was. We’re caught up in our individual agendas, thinking we are separate human beings. This mistaken thinking – an error hidden in plain sight – is the origin of global suffering and the root cause of ecosystem collapse.

Never mind what comes to mind, reality is what is happening now, what is, this being that is nothing but becoming. In reality we are these amazing changing human forms of being. “Be the change …”°

It’s been quite a trip since we left Eden. But it’s time to change, to see the error of our ways, to wake up to reality.

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