Jiddu Krishnamurti: The Core of the Teachings


Truth is a pathless land. —Jiddu Krishnamurti

The statement in this 1929 film clip that truth is a pathless land is at the core of The Core of the Teachings – written by Krishnamurti more than 50 years later. Here are some notes and comments on that piece and a couple of tweets that make a point. For the real thing, read the real thing.

Where there are no roads, it’s unhelpful to hand out roadmaps.

Truth is not handed down from the past but seen as it is right now, reflected in universal and interdependent being.

# interdependent being

That an entity is the source of anything is only imagined. Universal and interdependent being is the source of everything: imaginable and not.

Mental constructs – symbols, ideas, beliefs – delude us into thinking we are entities acting on other entities and being acted on by them as well. We are not. It’s all in the mind.

Freedom here is freedom from what is in the mind. Freedom is not a goal to be achieved but an aspect of reality to be seen. It is seen with choiceless awareness in everyday life.

# choiceless awareness

The known is thought recalled. It is the past. And what you think, say, or do, based as it is on the known, makes you a slave to the past. This limits you, to say the least.

Freedom, then, is freedom from the known, from the past. Again, this is not a goal to be achieved in some imagined future, but an aspect of reality to be seen in the present.

In choiceless awareness the movement of thought is seen. That an entity – a thinker – gives birth to this thought is seen for what it is.

# entity, delusion, Credo: I believe …

It is seen that there are no entities anywhere but in the mind – where they form mental constructs that have got us where we are today. For better or worse.

As this is seen it is as a timeless insight – seeing through and beyond the mind – an escape from being constrained by thought and into being free to be open to any and all being.

Krishnamurti concludes: “Total negation is the essence of the positive. When there is negation of all those things that thought has brought about psychologically, only then is there love, which is compassion and intelligence.”

last updated 2014-01-12

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