the wurdz page is being revised

What follows is a copy of the wurdz page made before revision began.

On this page – wurdz – is a word list that gives one and only one accepted American English (AmE) pronunciation for each word. This is not to single out a particular way of saying a word as in any sense the best way. It just shows one accepted way to say it.

The primary source is the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary, based on the print version of Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate® Dictionary, Eleventh Edition (MW11); other sources are noted; and if there is a British or especially British English (BrE) pronunciation, that may be noted too.

Follow the links for notes. Links within the list are each embedded in a closing bracket. They now link to the post where the pronunciation was last noted. For entries made before 2011, they link to a note on another page.

The spelled pronunciation system used is based on the (Random House) system, modified here to avoid bold and italic fonts. See soundz for details.

accoutrement [uh-KOO-truh-muhnt]
Agassiz [AG-uh-see]
Agriope [uh-GRAHY-oh-pee]
amenities [uh-MEN-i-tiz]
Americana [uh-mer-i-KAH-nuh]
amici [uh-MAHY-kahy]
amicus [uh-MAHY-kuhs]
amoral [ey-MOR-uhl]
anomie [AN-uh-mee]
aphelion [uh-FEEL-y(uh)n]
apolitical [ey-puh-LIT-i-kuhl]
apperceived [AP-uh-‘SEEVD]
applicable [AP-li-kuh-buhl]
apsidal [AP-suh-d(uh)l]
archetypical [ahr-ki-TIP-i-kuhl]
argot [AHR-guht]
Asia [EY-shuh]
asked [ahs(k)t]
asperity [uh-SPER-i-tee]
Assange [uh-SAHNJ]

barrage [buh-RAHZH]
basil [BAZ-uhl]
Bezmozgis [BEZ-‘MOHZ-gis]
biannual [bahy-AN-yoo-uhl]
biennial [bahy-EN-ee-uhl]
brumous [BROO-muhs]
butte [byoot]
Byzantine [BIZ-uhn-teen]

cacophony [kuh-KOF-uh-nee]
caffeine [KAF-een]
ceruse [si-ROOS]
cetology [see-TOL-uh-jee]
Chablis [sha-BLEE]
charade [shuh-REYD]
cheviot [SHEV-ee-uht]
Chile [CHI-lee]
cigarette [sig-uh-RET]
cilantro [si-LAN-troh]
clandestine [klan-DES-tin]
clandestinity [klan-de-STI-nuh-tee]
coital [koh-EE-t(uh)l]
combatant [KOM-buh-tuhnt]
compatriot [kuhm-PEY-tree-uht]
composite [kuhm-POZ-it]
comrade [KOM-rad]
confidant [‘KON-fi-DAHNT]
consummate [kuhn-SUHM-it]
contrast n [KON-trast]
contrast v [kuhn-TRAST]
covert a [KOH-vert]
covert n [KUV-ert]
Creon [KREE-on]
curiae [KYUUR-ee-ee]
cyclical [SAHY-kli-k(uh)l]

daguerreotype [duh-GER-uh-tahyp]
debris [DEY-bree]
deism [DEE-iz-uhm]
demonstrably [di-MON-struh-blee]
dengue [DENG-gee]
deposition [dep-uh-ZISH-(uh)n]
deprecate [DEP-ri-keyt]
depreciate [di-PREE-shee-eyt]
despoliation [di-SPOHL-i-’EY-shuhn]
desuetude [DES-wi-tyood]
detestation [dee-tes-TEY-shuhn]
dissection [dahy-SEK-shuhn]
diverse [dahy-VURS]
dynasty [DAHY-nuh-stee]

eccentricity [EK-sen-‘TRI-si-tee]
ecdysiast [ek-DIZ-ee-ast]
edema [i-DEE-muh]
egotist [EE-guh-tist]
eidetic [ahy-DET-ik]
Eli [EE-lahy]
enclave [EN-kleyv]
envelop [en-VEL-uhp]
envelope [EN-vuh-lohp]
epigone [EP-i-gohn]
equinox [‘EEK-wuh-NOKS]
Eratosthenes [ER-uh-‘TOS-thuh-NEEZ]
Erinyes [i-RIN-ee-eez]
eudemonia [yoo-di-MOH-nee-uh]
eudemonic [yoo-di-MON-ik]
Eurydice [yoo-RID-i-see]
exquisitely [EKS-wiz-it-lee]

farther [FAHR-dher]
flaccid [FLAK-sid]
formidable [FAWR-mi-duh-buhl]

game [geym]
gammy [GAM-ee]
garishness [GAIR-ish-nes]
gaseous [GAS-ee-uhs]
genotype [JEE-nuh-tahyp]
geyser [GAHY-zer]
gigantism [jahy-‘GAN-TIZ-uhm]
glair [glair]
grandiloquent [GRAND-‘IL-uh-kwuhnt]
grimace [gri-MEYS]

Hades [HEY-deez]
hagiography [hag-ee-OG-ruh-fee]
Haiti [HEY-tee]
Haitian [HEY-shuhn]
halcyonic [hal-see-ON-ik]
hedonic [hee-DON-ik]
hedonism [HEED-n-izm]
holocene [HOL-uh-seen]
homage [HOM-ij]

imprimatur [im-pri-MAH-ter]
Indonesia [IN-doh-‘NEE-zhuh]
Iran [i-RAHN]
Islam [iz-LAHM]

jejune [ji-JOON]

kilometer [‘KIL-oh-MEE-ter]
Klamath [KLAM-uhth]
Kraken [KRAH-kuhn]

laboratory [LAB-ruh-tawr-ee]
labyrinthine [lab-uh-RIN-thin]
Laurentide [LOR-uhn-tahyd]
legged [LEG-id]
Les Misérables [ley mee-zey-(kh)RAH-bl(uh)]
libidinous [li-BID-nuhs]
lichen [LAHY-kuhn]
longitude [LON-ji-tyood]
luthier [LOO-tee-er] . . .

macabre [muh-KAH-bruh]
machination [mak-uh-NEY-shuhn]
maniacal [muh-NAHY-uh-kuhl]
Mayan [MAHY-uhn]
Marlboro [MAHRL-buhr-oh]
maundering [MAWN-duh-ring]
megalomaniacal [meg-uh-loh-muh-NAHY-uh-kuhl]
melancholia [MEL-uhn-‘KOH-lee-uh]
mesmeric [mez-MER-ik]
messiah [muh-SAHY-uh]
messianic [mes-ee-AN-ik]
methane [METH-eyn]
Metonic [me-TON-ik]
Micronesia [MAHY-kroh-‘NEE-zhuh]
Michel Serres [sair]
milieu [meel-YUHR]
miocene [MAHY-uh-seen]
miscellany [’MIS-uh-LEY-nee]
misogynistic [mih-soj-uh-NIS-tik]
Mumbai [MUM-bahy]
mundanity [mun-DAN-i-tee]
Muslim [MUZ-lim]

Naipaul [NAHY-pawl]
nephew [NEF-yoo]
nihilism [NAHY-uh-liz-uhm]
numinous [NOO-muh-nuhs]
Nunavut [NOO-nuh-voot]

oedema [i-DEE-muh]
oneiric [oh-NAHY-rik]
Orpheus [AWR-fee-uhs]
overleveraged [OH-vuhr-’LEV-er-ijd]

paleozoic [’PEY-lee-uh-ZOH-ik]
Pangaea [pan-JEE-uh]
pariah [puh-RAHY-uh]
passé [pa-SEY]
pedunculate [pi-DUNG-kyuh-luht]
perihelion [per-uh-HEEL-y(uh)n]
phylogeny [fahy-LOJ-uh-nee]
picaresque [pik-uh-RESK]
pissant [PIS-ant]
plenitude [PLEN-i-tyood]
pleistocene [PLAHY-stuh-seen]
pliocene [PLAHY-uh-seen]
precession [pree-SESH-(uh)n]
polysemic [pol-ee-SEE-mik]
polysemous [puhl-IS-uh-muhs]
polysemy [puhl-IS-uh-mee]
predilection [pred(uh)l-EK-shuhn]
prescient [PRESH-(ee)-uhnt]
priapic [prahy-AP-ik]
primer [PRIM-er]
privacy [PRAHY-vuh-see]
process [PROH-ses]
project [PROJ-ekt]
proleptic [proh-LEP-tik]
prospector [PROS-pek-tuhr]
proven [PROO-vuhn]
prowess [PROU-is]
prurient [PRUUR-ee-uhnt]
purblind [PUR-blahynd]

rachis [REY-kis]
reclaim [ree-KLEYM]
reiver [REE-ver]
religiosity [ri-lij-ee-OS-i-tee]
Renaissance [‘REN-uh-SAHNS]
reredos [RER-uh-dos]
research [ri-SURCH]
resource [REE-zawrs]
rill [ril]

saltire [SAWL-tahy-(uh)r]
San Joaquin [san wo-KEEN]
scant v [skant]
schism [SKIZ-uhm]
scion [SAHY-uhn]
sessile [SES-ahyl]
shebeen [shuh-BEEN]
simony [SAHY-muh-nee]
simulacrum [sim-yuh-LEY-kruhm]
sleight [slahyt]
Solidarnosc [sol-i-DAHR-nawsht]
Soviet [SOH-vee-et]
stalwart [STAWL-wert]
status [STEY-tuhs]
stertorous [STUR-ter-uhs]
subsidence [suhb-SAHYD-ns]
substantive [SUB-stuhn-tiv]
substrate [SUB-streyt]
Susan Lucci [SOO-zuhn LOO-chee]

takeaway [TEYK-uh-wey]
taphonomy [tuh-FON-uh-mee]
telesis [TEL-uh-sis]
temblor [TEM-blawr]
Thebes [theebz]
the Internationale [dhee IN-ter-nash-uh-‘NAHL]
theism [THEE-iz-uhm]
tuxedo [tuk-SEE-doh]
Tzipi Livni [TSEE-pee-LEEV-nee]

Ulysses [yoo-LIS-eez]

venal [VEE-n(uh)l]
venial [VEE-nee-uhl]
venue [VEN-yoo]
vide [VAHY-dee]
vis-à-vis [veez-uh-VEE]

Yankees [YANG-keez]
yarmulke [YAH-muh-kuh]
Yediot Ahronot [YEE-dee-ot a(kh)-ROH-not]

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