Waking Up from the American Dream

(adapted) from Chomsky Wants You to Wake Up from the American Dream:

Chomsky’s 10 Rules of Oligarchy

  1. reduce democracy
  2. shape ideology
  3. redesign the economy
  4. shift the burden
  5. attack solidarity
  6. run the regulators
  7. engineer elections
  8. keep the rabble in line
  9. manufacture consent
  10. marginalize the population

Swanson’s 11th Rule of Oligarchy

Dump Massive Funding into Militarism

Why should this be included? Well, militarism is the biggest public program in the United States. It’s over half of federal discretionary spending. If you’re going to claim that lobbyists are concentrating wealth through their influence on the government, why not notice the single budget item that eats up over half the budget? It does indeed concentrate wealth and also power. It’s a vast pot of unaccountable funding for cronies. And it generates public interest in fighting foreign enemies rather than enemies hanging out on Wall Street. It does militarize the police for free, however, just in case Wall Street generates any disgruntled customers.

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