handling panhandling

from the article:

Sean Condon is executive director of Megaphone, the monthly magazine sold by about 40 vendors in Vancouver. Vendors buy each issue for 75 cents and sell it for a recommended $2.

Condon says it’s “totally up” to the person being asked whether to give money to a panhandler. He said he couldn’t say how much money a person should give.

“I don’t know how we can set rules on someone who is asking for money,” he said. “You can ask them how much they need.”

He said the worst thing for panhandlers isn’t someone saying no. It’s being ignored.

“It’s the people who see them as invisible,” he said. “When you’re panhandling you’re sending out a signal that you’re really desperate. Your desperation is on display for all the world to see.”

“When people just walk by without even glancing, it’s so disheartening. Even looking them in the eye and saying ‘I can’t help you out today. Have a good day’ acknowledges their presence.”



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