Fermi bubble graphic
Fermi discovers giant gamma-ray bubbles in the Milky Way: … Each lobe is 25,000 light-years tall and the whole structure may be only a few million years old.”
—NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center, November 9, 2010

this is the view from here

Yes, reality is beyond words. Words on what is thought to be happening now are not what is actually happening. They are stories.

Only in the mind are there beings. A being is a mental construct. Beyond the mind there is only being. Well-being is whole-being; being well is being whole, with metta.

Beyond the mind there are no beings …

There is only what is. There is only this being. And it’s happening now.

Being well is not minding, only caring – with caritas, from the heart – for all that is, and wanting nothing, not even to want nothing.

As for this site, the home page is mostly a blog of posts that embed any tweets that may be worth expanding … or worth tagging to make them easier to find. The blog started in September 2010.

The search-this-site feature (embedded link also below the sidebar menu) works well not only for words in or under individual tweets sent or seen but also for any entries on the wurdz or style|word list pages.

Feel free to say anything as a comment below. What you say may or may not be published, and it won’t be if you ask for it not to be. You can still do this although new posts are now (14 July 2016) on another site. Be well. —George

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