[June 2012: This page is no longer updated.]

This is the cover page for issue-by-issue indexes of audio versions of Adbusters articles. Click on the the thumbnail image of the cover to go to the index.

#101 MAY/JUN 2012     Regime Change
#100 MAR/APR 2012     Are We Happy Yet?
#99 JAN/FEB 2012     The Big Ideas of 2012

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What follows is from a very brief early use of this page.

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adbusters|audio page

Many of the articles printed in Adbusters are posted online. These posts often include an audio version as an MP3 file. Recent [June 2011] ones that do are listed here – where you can listen to them. (Hover on AB number for time.)

Audio versions of articles are first posted to notrehta’s posterous, and AB.log lists them all. Only some of them make it to the Adbusters website.

And just for the record, here is one for an article that people still tell their friends about:

AB79-2 …… Hipster: The Dead End of … Civilization – Douglas Haddow

from this issue: