want nothing

vulture-and-child None need live in want, none need die of want when all of us want nothing.

We seem possessed with wanting more when in reality we want nothing. The issue is not what are we to do but how are we to be. Wanting more means doing more, and doing more means consuming – using up, destroying – more of what lets us all live. So we have to focus less on doing, more on being. But how?

Practice nisarga yoga and do only what lets you be and let be; live and let live; love and let love.

See that only in the mind can there be an entity or a separate being; that beyond the mind nothing is an entity and no one is a separate being.

Open up to all that is – beyond the mind – and want nothing.

see also Advertising: Are We Happy Yet? – advertising exploits our avidya/ignorance, namely our not seeing that we are not who we are thought to be°

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