Beyond the Mind

Questioner: “… Your words ‘beyond the mind’ give me no clue.”
Maharaj: “While looking with the mind, you cannot go beyond it. …”

the Q&A above is from A Quiet Mind Is All You Need


Reality isn’t what it’s thought to be. It’s beyond the mind. Beyond words.

In reality, what you are is beyond words. That you are is beyond doubt. Dwell on that, on being, on being aware of being. And on nothing more.°

Reality is what it always is. It’s all that is, all being. It is all that is happening in this moment, including you. And you’re aware of this.

Simply be aware of being. Be nothing but this being aware of being – extending loving kindness and other Viharas to any and all being.°

You aren’t the person you’re thought to be. You’re beyond the mind. Beyond words.

Beyond the mind there is no difference between nirvana and samsara.°

Enlightenment is a concept, a mental construct. It’s in the mind.

Beyond the mind is the miracle of what is, of being, of being aware of being; the miracle of what is … happening now.

When you don’t cover up the world with words and labels, a sense of the miraculous returns to your life … —Eckhart Tolle

the still gap

The “still gap” is key. Let the mind be still. Dwell on the ever-present sense of being – of “I am” – to still and clear the mind.

“When the search ‘Who Am I?’ becomes the only thing that matters, when we become a mere torch and the flame all-important, it will mean that we are ripening fast. We cannot accelerate that ripening, but we can remove the obstacles of fear and greed, indolence and fancy, prejudice and pride.”

Maurice Frydman (Bharatananda)
Readiness (April 1976)

This block quote was copied from Maurice Frydman: Nisarga Yoga – a post on this site that includes the full text of Frydman’s appendix to his translation of I Am That by Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj.



Truth is a pathless land. —Jiddu Krishnamurti

Where there are no roads, it’s unhelpful to hand out roadmaps. And that is why Frydman reports Maharaj as “peculiarly non-committal” on what road to take. “But for all, the gateway to reality, by whatever road one arrives at it, is the sense of ‘I am.’”

The gateway to reality, to what is – beyond the mind – is simply being aware of being. And nothing more.

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